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Welcome to The Sportsman's Doctor

Our goal at the Sportsman’s Doctor, is to ensure our patients are living their best life. We want to protect the investment you have made in your trip.
Not just the money you have spent but the time you have set aside to do something that you love.
Elevation sickness in Colorado will keep you from bagging the elk of your dreams.
You can’t possibly reel in a monster mahi with sea sickness.
A simple tick bite can leave you staring at the camp ceiling with a headache & nausea while your buddies are tagging a trophy buck.
You can’t control when you get sick or where, but you can be prepared.
For less than most copays you can be prepared to combat a multitude of illnesses.

We also provide medications for common men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction, cold sores & hair loss.

  • With The Sportsman’s Doctor you will be evaluated and have access to a medical doctor/provider who is board-certified in internal medicine with a profound depth of experience.
  • Individualized First Aid Kits are less than most co-pays
  • You do not need to schedule a doctors appointment and take time away from work or your family, all you need is 15 minutes your phone, tablet or computer
  • Your prescriptions will be shipped directly to you in discreet packaging – no trip to the pharmacy necessary – Overnight shipping available
  • All payments will be refunded if the doctor can not fill the prescription for any medical reason

Our Kits

The contents of each of our first aid kits have been hand selected by Dr. Teribury. He has built this list based on his experience as a member of the special forces, a sportsman and a physician. You will find everything you need to treat minor scrapes and cuts to prescription medicine that have been prescribed to treat issues such as elevation sickness, sea sickness, urinary tract infections and bacterial infections.

*Currently available in NY, PA, NC, OH, & TX

The Sportsman's Doctor offers a full line of mens heath treatments

Erectile Dysfunction
Cold Sores
Hair Loss

Prescription medication to your door in just 3 easy steps

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This is the same process you follow at your doctor’s office, minus the wait times and all the sick people!
You will fill out a brief questionnaire about your lifestyle & medical history.
We will also verify your identity. For this you will need to have your government issued photo ID & your credit card.

Communicate with a licensed Physician

This is your doctor’s appointment, but from the comfort of your own home.
Your doctor will review the information you have submitted and the two of you will discuss what treatment option is best for you.

Free Delivery

This is nothing like a trip to the pharmacy, you don’t have to leave home and you can even wear your pajamas.
The medication that your doctor prescribed to you will arrive in discreet packaging right to your mailbox in 3 to 7 days.

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